Holly Liu

Holly Liu (Keynote)

Holly founded the venture backed mobile gaming company, Kabam in 2006 with UC Berkeley alumni. Kabam is responsible for building the mobile hit games Marvel: Contest of Champions, Fast & Furious: The Game, and Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. Her work has contributed to record revenue growth for Kabam year over year from $0 to $400MM annually, that led Kabam into the unicorn club in 2014. She led the design for Kabam’s award-winning original IP "Kingdoms of Camelot" franchise, grossing over $250 million in less than four years. She was also the founding mobile designer for Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, which was the top grossing app on iOS in 2012. Kabam successfully sold in 2017 to Netmarble and FoxNext for a billion dollars. In 2018, she won the prestigious Abie Entrepreneurship Technology Award at Grace Hopper Celebration. Holly is currently a Visiting Partner at Y Combinator, an early stage tech accelerator that has birthed companies like Twitch, Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox and many others.


Rachel Haurwitz

Rachel is co-founder, president, and CEO of Caribou Biosciences, a CRISPR gene editing company developing cellular therapies to treat cancer. In 2014, she was named by Forbes Magazine to the "30 Under 30" list in Science and Healthcare, and in 2016, Fortune Magazine named her to the "40 Under 40" list of the most influential young people in business. In 2018, the Association for Women in Science recognized Rachel with the annual Next Generation Award. Rachel earned an A.B. in Biological Sciences from Harvard College, and received a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.


Debbie Senesky

Debbie is an Assistant Professor at Stanford University in the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department. In addition, she is the Principal Investigator of the EXtreme Environment Microsystems Laboratory (XLab). Her research interests include the development of nanomaterials for extreme harsh environments, high-temperature electronics, and robust instrumentation for Venus exploration. She received the B.S. degree (2001) in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California. She received the M.S. degree (2004) and Ph.D. degree (2007) in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. She received the Emerging Leader Abie Award from AnitaB.org in 2018, Early Faculty Career Award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Prof. Senesky's career path and research has been featured on the People Behind the Science podcast, the Future of Everything radio show, Space.com, and NPR's Tell Me More program.


Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer is Head of Safety at Nuro, a robotics company providing local goods delivery through custom, self-driving vehicles that operate on public roads. Prior to joining Nuro, Jennifer was a Technical Director at SSL where she led technical teams in building geosynchronous communications satellites and robotic servicing satellites. In 2016, Jennifer was awarded the SSPI Promise Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement and leadership potential in the space and satellite industry. Jennifer earned an BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University, and received a MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.



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